Go for Green Holi

Holi is a festival of colours celebrated in India, in memory of the death of demoness Holika in fire by Prahlad by his devotion of Lord Vishnu as per the Hindu mythology.
ECity Green Holi

Toxic Chemicals in Synthetic Colours

  • Black colour has lead oxide
  • Red has mercury sulfate
  • Dark green has copper sulphate
  • Glittering colours have mica dust and powdered glass
  • Dry colours are made of bases which are usually asbestos (a known carcinogen even in minute quantities) and silica
  • Colourants used in Gulal comprise mainly of heavy metals like lead, chromium, cadmium, nickel, mercury, zinc, iron.

Health Hazards due to Synthetic Colors

  • Toxins which get deposited in the kidneys, liver and bones and may disrupt human metabolism
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Skin allergies
  • Partial / total blindness
  • Hair damage
ECity Green Holi

How to Make Herbal Colours that are Therapeutic

DRY Colours
  • GREEN: Mehandi or henna powder or powder from dried tulsi
  • RED: Grind dried petals of hibiscus or rose flowers
  • YELLOW: Turmeric powder or grind dried petals of marigold or chrysanthemum flowers
  • BLUE: Grind dried petals of jacaranda or blue hibiscus flowers
Bulk may be increased by adding rice, atta, maida, besan powders
WET Colours
  • RED: Soak pomegranate peels or red hibiscus petals in water overnight. Juice of tomatoes and carrots give an orange-red colour though they need to be strained and diluted
  • YELLOW: Boil turmeric in water to get a concentrate. Allow to cool and dilute as required. Alternatively, boil marigold or chrysanthemum petals in water, and leave overnight to cool.
  • MAGENTA: Grate beetroot and soak in water. To get a stronger colour, boil and allow to cool.
  • BROWN: Boil tea and/or coffee in water and strain
  • BLACK: Boil dried Amla(Indian Gooseberry) in an iron pot (kadai) and cool overnight. Dilute as necessary. Alternatively, grind black grapes, dilute and strain.